Remember when I had that dream…

Of creating a blog where I uplift the works of people of color?

I don’t know what happened. I almost want to start new. AGAIN!  Sometimes, I wonder how many followers I would have if I just don’t change my blog every few years. I thought I found my voice, but it turns out I haven’t.

I thought I needed strict deadlines. So I signed up to write for an online magazine. They switched editors and my heart was no long in it and it showed through in my writing.I wasn’t growing as a writer. I wasn’t being taught how to improve my writing anymore.  Instead, I was told HOW to write.  The only thing I could do was leave.

It’s really hard to manage your own blog, when you don’t have a new set of eyes to look over and catch the mistakes you don’t/can’t see.

On the bright side, I stumbled across St. Sucia. To quote their facebook page, St. Sucia is “a zine exposing what it is to be mujer in contemporary society.”  They were looking for other mujers to submit to their works to them. I did and I was lucky enough to have my poem published along side other talented women. You can buy the zine here.

For now, I am working and getting ready to attend grad school. I am thinking of revamping the blog. I want to make it  a little more personal and related to various forms of media. Maybe,  I’ll find my voice along the way.




lookaround138 (1)Hello all (x) number of you,

Thank you for following my tiny little blog. Especially, those of you who put up with me constantly changing blogs. I am happier with Media in Color; I feel like this blog has a purpose.

Anyway, January was a hard month. I guess, I didn’t realize I needed time to mourn Michele’s passing. I know, I followed some of you because of her.

Currently, I am a contributing writer for I’ll post the link to my articles as I publish them. But, I’m still going to publish original pieces for tumblr/

I don’t know why you all chose to follow me or if any of you will read this, but thank you for the support. Seriously, it means a lot.

Not that I have a lot of followers, but…

I was out of town from July 30 to August 4. Thus, I went MIA for a while. I presented my research at the MALCS conference (Mujeres Activas en  Letras y Cambio Social/ Women active in Letters and Social Change). The conference went great, and people really loved my panel’s presentation.

As far as my blog goes, I am currently working on two pieces. They are entitled:

The Whiteness in the Punk Scene or Coming into Conocimiento con Punk Musica

Diversity in Parks and Rec vs Modern Family (Tentative title only).

Please, bear with me. I am still applying to graduate school and doing summertime cleaning.  I never have time to participate in spring cleaning. Also, someone volunteered to edit my work. *crosses fingers this actually happens*  Thank you anyone who reads my posts and puts up with me on my journey to improving my grammar and finding my voice in my little corner of the universe.