At least, we had one season of Cristela.

(ABC Network)

(ABC Network)

I hate that Cristela was cancelled.

I’m one of those viewers who watched and thought: “Finally, a show that represents me.”

I know, you’re probably thinking, “What about George Lopez, Ugly Betty, American Family, Jane the Virgin etc.?”

As great as those shows were, they didn’t resonate with me the way Cristela did. I can’t tell you how many times I watched the show and was surprised at how closely I could relate. It’s like this show represents those of us who have dreams, but haven’t had a chance to reach them yet.

Cristela had this dream of becoming a lawyer, but she needed her family’s help to get there. She needed time to build her career and that theme is very universal. I mean, we’ve all been there at some point in our life? So it surprises me that the show was cancelled.

This show may be “traditional” in the way that it represents Latinxs, but some of us come from those families. I know, I do. Cristela was made for people who dream of something better.

I’m sorry Cristela Alonzo felt so much pressure from the Latinx community to represent everyone. The truth is that this was one of the many voices in the Latinx community, just like the other shows(I mentioned above) were.  I hope, in the future, there will be other shows…other voices to represent those that are still silent…those waiting their turn to be heard.

You can read Cristela Alonzo’s letter to her fans here. I highly recommend reading it down to the bottom. It made me cry a little. Yeah, I’ll admit.

Thank you, Cristela Alonzo, for creating a show that represented your lived experience. I’m glad you got the chance to share, because it’s nice to see a reflection of yourself on tv every now and again.

Here’s a clip from a great show you weren’t watching: